Stripping out the Bose sound system

Build Diary - Mazda RX7 FD

17th March 2023
2 min read
Stripping out the Bose sound system

I had an old Sony Android Auto head unit lying around, so decided to fit it in the RX7. The front speakers worked fine, but there was no sound coming from the rear.

The dilemma - fix the bose system or strip it out?

As I don't really like the weird snake appearance of the Bose system, it was stripped out without hesitation.

One MDF board later, and some eBay auto carpet - and I had myself a new boot floor.

I also had some enclosed 6x9 speakers lying around, so put them in the boot too.

But now the question remained, could I re-use the wiring from the Bose plug to power my new speakers? There must be a way I thought.

So I went ahead and tried and tested a number of combinations until I landed with something that worked - and here it is for anyone interested;

Rear Left Speaker: Blue with yellow stripe, white with blue stripe

Rear Right Speaker: Yellow with green stripe, yellow with blue stripe

Admittedly there is a fair bit of cleaning up to do and the install isn't perfect - but it will do for now. It works, and is a damn sight better than before!