Fitting a fog light with a reversing camera bonus

Build Diary - Mazda RX7 FD

20th January 2023
2 min read
Fitting a fog light with a reversing camera bonus

With it being a JDM car, there was no rear fog light installed.

I was pretty sure (although still unsure) that all cars in the UK are required to have a rear fog light - whether imported or not and I wanted my car to be fully compliant to mitigate any future issues.

I didn't fancy the idea of some awful stick on one and wanted it to look as OEM as possible.

Some pondering later, I came up with the idea to convert one of the two rear reversing lights in to a fog light.

So I went ahead and;

  1. Removed the right rear reversing light assembly
  2. Swapped the bulb for a bright red led bulb
  3. Sprayed the lens with some red tint
  4. Spliced in to the fog light wire in the centre console (which controls the OEM front fog lights), and ran a new wire to the reversing light assembly

I now had a redundant power line that used to power the reverse lamp. I was going to just tape it up until I had a brain wave - I could use it as the power for a reversing camera for auto-power on reverse!

So I ordered a reversing camera, hooked it up and voila! 2 jobs for the effort of one (almost).