Getting her on the road, or not

Build Diary - Mazda RX7 FD

23rd June 2023
3 min read
Getting her on the road, or not

With the warm weather incoming and wanting to enjoy the car for a bit. I decided that she was road worthy and needed an MOT.

I took her out for a short test drive (on a private road of course) and she drove spot-on. I called up a local garage and got her booked in for a couple of days time.

I proceeded to give her a fresh oil and filter change, spark plug change, and went for another short test drive, and opened her up a bit this time! Amazing.

Got home, parked up and noticed a dripping underneath.

Appeared to be coolant, and it was coming out pretty fast! I checked all easily accessible hoses and tightened them to no avail.

I put a jug and some cardboard underneath and left it over night to assess how bad it was.

The next morning, the cardboard was drenched and the jug was full. MOT booking cancelled, and some major head-aches on the way.

The plan

I couldn't figure out where the leak was coming from. My only option was to remove everything that was causing an obstruction. This included the intake system and intercooler.

With it all removed, it still proved difficult to locate the leak. So I decided to just replace all of the coolant hoses.

I found a UK based company, SFS Performance that sold a full silicone kit for around £120. And they had a purple option which I was keen on!

This plan however led me down a rabbit hole. As to replace some of the hoses, a lot more parts had to come off the engine and I thought - "Whilst these parts are off, I may as well replace what I can so I don't have to remove them again".

Needless to say, locating a coolant leak turned in to;

  • Replacing coolant hoses
  • Removing air pump
  • Removing ACV
  • Removing double throttle system
  • Installing emissions delete/blanking kit
  • Vacuum hose simplification
  • Battery relocation
  • Replacing IAT temp sensor
  • Installing a Haltech Elite 2500 ECU
  • Mid pipe installation
  • Cat-back installation
  • Thermostat replacement
  • AST delete
  • Coolant level sensor replacement
  • Pulley and belt replacement
  • HT lead replacment
  • Greddy V mount kit intercooler installation

Yep, this spiralled out of control pretty quickly. Guess she'll be off the road for a couple more months at least.