Repairing the cluster and HVAC controls

Build Diary - Mazda RX7 FD

4th January 2023
3 min read
Repairing the cluster and HVAC controls

So the car has now been sat in my garage for a week and I thought it would be a good idea to start with diagnosing the HVAC issues as well as investigating the dead speedo cluster.

The dashboard needs to come out!

To be honest, I was quite dreading the idea of removing the dashboard. However, after finding a guide on Youtube, it was actually quite straight forward. Had there not have been a rounded nut in the top centre, it would have been relatively quick.

The broken HVAC controls

After removing the front HVAC fascia, it was instantly apparent why none of the controls worked. They weren't plugged in.

What an easy fix I thought. But no, there was no plugs to plug in to it.

From a quick google search I discovered that my RX7 has automatic climate control. Which just so happens to be rare - making a hunt for spare parts impossible.

I decided, I don't really care for automatic climate control, I'd settle for simple air con. So I sourced a new dashboard loom, and HVAC fascia.

A couple of days later, they arrived. Swapped out it in, and voila - working, mostly. Temperature control works, hazzard lights work, vent selector works. However, the air con still doesn't do anything and the blower only seems to blow on the highest setting.

They're problems for another day, progress has been made and I'd rather start getting this car back on the road.

The dead speedo cluster

The speedo cluster was completely dead. Having removed it and taken a brief look at it, I decided that this looks to be far above the level of my expertise - electronics is not my game.

I found a specialist in the US, shipped it to him, and within a day he had got it all up and running again! Not only that, but he also removed the speed limiter, converted it to MPH from KPH and installed an MPH dial.