Our favourite retro supercars from the 90s

4th January 2022, 5:02pm
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Our favourite retro supercars from the 90s

There is nothing quite like the nostalgic feeling you get when you remember the hours spent as a youngster reading the latest addition of Dream Cars. Checking out and comparing the specs of the different supercars was simply sublime.

The 90s really were great! A time when many vehicle manufacturers were really pushing the boundaries of what was possible for road-going production cars, and creating masterpieces that modern day vehicles struggle to compete with.

Here is our top 10 list of our favourite retro supercars from the 90s.

1. McLaren F1

McLaren F1 Specification

0-60mph: 3.2s0-100mph: 6.3sTop speed: 231mph
Power: 618hpTorque: 476lb/ftWeight: 1133kg
Engine: 6.1L V12Aspiration: NATransmission: 6-speed manual
Drivetrain: Mid engine RWDYear from: 1992Year to: 1998

For us, the McLaren F1 is the definition of a supercar. The shock factor when you realised that this beast of a machine could hit over 230mph was unforgettable. The three seat cabin configuration, and gold insulated engine bay - mesmerising. Gordon Murray really pulled it out of the bag with this one!

Only 100 McLaren F1s were ever built, with each one taking 6,000 man hours to build and a price tag of £635,000 ($1,070,000). No other car was quite so exclusive as this. And if you think that price is extortionate, a McLaren F1 recently sold at an auction for $20.5 million!

Even Rowan Atkinson's twice-crashed McLaren F1 was able to fetch £8 million ($12.2 million) back in 2015 - really goes to show just how sought after these cars are.

2. TVR Cerbera Speed 12

TVR Cerbera Speed 12 Specification

0-60mph: 3s0-100mph: 6.3sTop speed: 240mph
Power: 800hpTorque: 649lb/ftWeight: 1100kg
Engine: 7.7L V12Aspiration: NATransmission: 6-speed manual
Drivetrain: Front engine RWDYear from: 1996Year to: 1998

With a 7.7L V12 engine producing 800 naturally aspirated ponies, the TVR Cerbera Speed 12 is as fast as it is gorgeous. Built in Blackpool, United Kingdom as the McLaren beater, originally known as Project 7/12.

The TVR Cerbera Speed 12 was originally available for less than half the cost of the McLaren F1. Priced at £245,000 ($331,700), it was a 240mph tarmac destroyer, providing a raw driving experience.

3. Bugatti EB110 SS

Bugatti EB110 SS Specification

0-60mph: 3.9s0-100mph: 8.9sTop speed: 212mph
Power: 611hpTorque: 480lb/ftWeight: 1483kg
Engine: 3.5L V12Aspiration: Quad-turboTransmission: 6-speed manual
Drivetrain: Mid engine AWDYear from: 1992Year to: 1995

As a child, discovering that the Bugatti EB110 came packed with not 1 or even 2 turbo chargers - but 4, was heroic!

The four-wheel drive system gave the EB110 a handling experience akin to the Lancia Integrale, whilst the 3.5L quad-turbocharged, 60 valve V12 monster roaring from behind would propel you to 100mph in under 9 seconds - reaching a top speed of 212mph.

Originally selling for £325,000 ($579,000) with limited availability - it was an exclusive piece of art.

4. Lamborghini Diablo SV

Lamborghini Diablo SV Specification

0-60mph: 3.6s0-100mph: 8.5sTop speed: 204mph
Power: 510hpTorque: 428lb/ftWeight: 1576kg
Engine: 5.7L V12Aspiration: NATransmission: 5-speed manual
Drivetrain: Mid engine AWDYear from: 1995Year to: 1998

Just the name Diablo, is enough to bring goosebumps. A beautiful car that still holds it's own today. Not many cars can carry a garish yellow paint job quite as well as the Lamborghini Diablo. In-fact, yellow is the only colour we like to see it in.

The Sport Veloce (SV) gave the already monstrous Diablo; lighter weight, lower gearing and even more acceleration.

The Countach was never going to be an easy car to follow - the Diablo nailed it.

5. Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa Specification

0-60mph: 5s0-100mph: 10.9sTop speed: 185mph
Power: 385hpTorque: 354lb/ftWeight: 1708kg
Engine: 4.9L F12Aspiration: NATransmission: 5-speed manual
Drivetrain: Mid engine RWDYear from: 1984Year to: 1996

Who didn't own a die-cast model of the Ferrari Testarossa? This iconic Ferrari was on the bedroom walls of every kid growing up in the 90s. The red wedge with cavernous side grills and black accented bodywork is a real treat for the eyes.

Once the fastest car in production, the Ferrari Testarossa was a production car capable of 185mph in the 1980s - quite the feat!

6. Lister Storm

Lister Storm Specification

0-60mph: 4.1s0-100mph: 8.4sTop speed: 208mph
Power: 546hpTorque: 576lb/ftWeight: 1664kg
Engine: 7.0L V12Aspiration: SuperchargedTransmission: 6-speed manual
Drivetrain: Front engine RWDYear from: 1993Year to: 1994

Here's one you may not have heard of, and one I often forget about. The Lister Storm was a supercar built in Cambridge, United Kingdom between 1993 and 1994.

Powered by a supercharged 7L Jaguar V12 engine, producing 546hp - the Lister Storm was capable of over 200mph, boasting a 0-60 time in a little over 4 seconds.

It's a car that you cannot help but stand in awe of when you stumble across one at a museum.

7. Lotus Esprit V8

Lotus Esprit V8 Specification

0-60mph: 4.2s0-100mph: 10.1sTop speed: 179mph
Power: 350hpTorque: 295lb/ftWeight: 1381kg
Engine: 3.5L V8Aspiration: Twin-turboTransmission: 5-speed manual
Drivetrain: Mid engine RWDYear from: 1996Year to: 2004

The Lotus Esprit was Norfolk's answer to the call for UK based supercars. It's stark appearance has stood the test of time, and remains a fantastic sight for the eyes.

Originally launched in 1975 with a 2.0L engine that produced just 160hp. It wasn't until 1996 when Lotus felt the pressure from other supercar makers such as Ferrari to finally give it more fire power in the shape of a 3.5L twin-turbocharged V8 engine that made 350hp. Although by today's standards these numbers seem a little low given the engine capacity and turbo arrangement - it still offered an exceptional driving experience thanks to Lotus' infamously superb handling.

8. Dodge Viper RT/10

Dodge Viper RT/10 Specification

0-60mph: 4.3s0-100mph: 10.5sTop speed: 175mph
Power: 400hpTorque: 465lb/ftWeight: 1602kg
Engine: 8.0L V10Aspiration: NATransmission: 6-speed manual
Drivetrain: Front engine RWDYear from: 1991Year to: 2002

The first thing you'll notice about the Dodge Viper is it's enormous hood that houses it's outrageous 8.0L V10 engine. If fuel economy is what interests you, you may as well skip over this one!

The Dodge Viper sat on three-spoke wheels measuring a massive 13 inches wide, however this did not do enough for it's handling - which was notoriously dangerous, especially in the wet.

You could purchase a Dodge Viper new for £30,000 ($50,000), which gave you an insane car for your money.

9. Jaguar XJ220

Jaguar XJ220 Specification

0-60mph: 3.6s0-100mph: 7.8sTop speed: 217mph
Power: 542hpTorque: 475lb/ftWeight: 1456kg
Engine: 3.5L V6Aspiration: Twin-turboTransmission: 5-speed manual
Drivetrain: Rear engine RWDYear from: 1991Year to: 1994

From an unofficial Saturday Club as a spare-time project spear-headed by Jaguar's Chief Engineer, Jim Randle, the Jaguar XJ220 is a true supercar with racing heritage, created from pure passion.

A total run of only 350 cars were built, each costing an eye-watering £403,000 ($678,000). Nowadays, the only place you're likely to see one is at a motor museum.

10. Honda NSX

Honda NSX Specification

0-60mph: 5.2s0-100mph: 12.1sTop speed: 168mph
Power: 269hpTorque: 209lb/ftWeight: 1370kg
Engine: 3.0L V6Aspiration: NATransmission: 5-speed manual
Drivetrain: Mid engine RWDYear from: 1991Year to: 1997

The Honda NSX was a supercar that you could drive around a town, user-friendly, featuring a technically advanced power-train.

Notable owners include Ayrton Senna and Gordon Murray. This alone is testament to the NSX's magical aura.

Although it fell short on the performance front when compared to it's rivals, it was visually stunning and held a certain prestige. It's for this reason that it has made it to our top 10 list.

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