Mansory unleashes wild modified Aston Martin DBX

5th November 2021, 7:50am
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Mansory unleashes wild modified Aston Martin DBX

Do you somehow find your Aston Martin DBX to be too subdued, too boring? Then Mansory has stepped in with an aggressive makeover for the DBX, one that’s sure to have opinions as polarized as a compass.

The Aston Martin SUV was already low-slung, but Mansory has decided that’s not good enough and has made it look lower and longer. The SUV sits very close to its 24-inch wheels, which have a design that allows the brake system to vent. 

Not just a “pretty” face

Mansory reworked the DBX's powertrain to produce far more horsepower and torque than the standard DBX’s 550 horsepower and 516 pound-feet. Thanks to the larger turbochargers Mansory fitted, the twin-turbocharged V8 now produces an astonishing 800 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque. 

The SUV's engine management system is also modified by the tuner. A new exhaust system with two options and a sports air filter were among the other engine modifications that completely change how the Aston Martin DBX rides.

Check out that dual spoiler!


Mansory has completely overhauled the Aston Martin aesthetically, including new fasciae in the front and back, and selected new carbon-fibre components. At the back, the dual spoiler system is something to behold. Both spoilers are made of carbon fibre, with one roof-mounted and the other tailgate-mounted. They're not just for show, as they assist the new rear diffuser to improve the car's on-track performance.

Other new visuals include the spiky forged carbon splitter, diffuser, and side skirts. The bonnet has new carbon vents, and even the wing mirrors have been replaced.


Whatever you think of the Mansory Aston Martin DBX, you have to admit the mechanics have done a stellar job of bringing a new, high-performance, aggressive edge to the British five-seater SUV.

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Written by Raymond Burrett

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