More details on the 2022 Acura Integra revealed

1st October 2021, 7:28am
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More details on the 2022 Acura Integra revealed

Honda’s luxury arm Acura shocked us again this week with a second Integra tease. The seven-second clip, posted to Twitter, focuses on the new Integra’s rear-three-quarter and links to a coy image of the vehicle.

It’s been 15 years since the Integra last saw the light of day, and we’ll see the new reboot in all its glory in 2022. It’s not known yet whether the Integra will be offered outside the US, but it’s unlikely.

In terms of hard facts, there are few. The new reveal exposes very little. The only new detail we know is that the Integra will be considered a ‘premium sport compact’ 

Could there be a Type R Acura Integra? It’s possible, especially as Honda has already confirmed a Type R Civic. There could be a Type S model powered by a twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6.

A glimpse at the new Integra’s styling

The new teaser trailer gives us some idea of the new Integra’s style. It’s no throwback, fitting more into the Acura’s current line-up than harkening back to previous decades. The Integra insignia under the headlight is one of the few details that give it a more retro feel. 


Some have likened the hatch look to late-model Hyundai Genesis Coupes. Others note Peugeot 406 vibes and the rounded fascia of the second-generation Legend.

With reboots of the Puma and Eclipse somewhat disappointing, because they completely changed the form factor from previous models, Integra fans have worried the new vehicle would follow the same formula and be a shadow of its former self. 

The latest teaser shows the Integra will be a four-door and not a compact two-door, and it’s fair to guess that the DNA of the vehicle will come from the new Civic.

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