Gran Turismo 7 available in March for PlayStation 5 (and 4)

13th September 2021, 8:59am
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Gran Turismo 7 available in March for PlayStation 5 (and 4)

March 4, 2022, is the date automotive enthusiasts will get their hands on the next instalment of the massive driving simulation series—Gran Turismo 7. Available for both the PlayStation 4 and 5, Gran Turismo features a return to some of the series’ favourite cars and tracks.

We got a better look at the new title from developer Polyphony Digital in a recent trailer, the second of which to be released for Gran Turismo 7. The surprisingly detailed trailer features a wealth of in-game footage, and fans have been poring over the details to spot their favourite new features.

The cars

The new gameplay trailer featured a bevy of beautiful rides you’ll be able to drive come March. We spotted a Bugatti Bolide, Ferrari FXX-K, Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR, and a load of Nissan GT-Rs. Iconic choices like the GR Yaris, A80, and A90 Toyota Supra are available, too.

Perhaps the most exciting additions come from Porsche. It looks like you’ll be able to drive a 917, a 962, a 911 GT2 RS, and even a 2019 Porsche 917 concept. We saw a road version of the GT1 in the previous trailer, too.

The tracks

Gran Turismo 7 is known as a driving simulator, and as such, you’ll get to ride on painstakingly reconstructed real-world tracks with realistic dynamics. 

The Circuit de la Sarthe and Nürburgring Nordschleife are clearly visible in the trailer, and there’s a return of many popular tracks from the prior Gran Turismo entries. The Tokyo Expressway, Trail Mountain, High Speed Right, and Dragon Trail are all here in glorious next-generation clarity.

Game features

The trailer features a significant amount of time spotlighting the menus of Gran Turismo 7. It seems to be an “everything but the kitchen sink” game, pulling all the best features from GT Sport and allowing even more customization.

The focus on the menus is likely to highlight how quickly everything seems to load thanks to next-generation SSDs. Previous titles were prone to long loading speeds, and as this new entry looks to zip through menus at top speed, this should encourage players to retry time trials and play with the extensive catalogue of spare parts and visual enhancements.

Speaking of which, the new game trailer highlights how much customizability the game has, from installing set turbochargers to exactly placing livery.

Buckle up

This latest trailer hits hard on the nostalgia front, too, as it recreates some famous moments from previous trailers and game intros. Moon Over the Castle (the main Gran Turismo theme originally included in Gran Turismo 1) plays throughout the trailer, bringing back memories for players who have been with the series for over 23 years. 

Now, there are just a few more months until the next iteration arrives on consoles worldwide.

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Written by Raymond Burrett

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