Track-only Lotus Emira GT4 revealed

8th September 2021, 3:27pm
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Track-only Lotus Emira GT4 revealed

Hot off the heels of the newly debuted Emira, seen first at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Lotus has now revealed its GT4 variant, which is a lighter, track-only variant with a race-spec kit.

The Evora GT4 will be retired, and we’ll first see the Emira GT4 in action in the 2022 season. For there, production will increase as demand sees fit. The new Emira GT4 has some big boots to fill, as the outgoing Evora GT4 saw successes at the Pirelli World Challenge, Sepang 12hrs, European GT, Barcelona 24hrs, Dubai 24hrs, and British GT races. 

The Emira has undergone a variety of changes to bring it up to the GT4 standard. It was developed in collaboration with the UK-based RML Group, which is responsible for a huge number of successful racing vehicles, as well as the latest RML Short Wheelbase 250 GT SWB reproduction.


Significant changes under the skin

The differences between the road model and the GT4 are mostly under the hood, with the weight falling by approximately 140kg to 1260kg thanks to the elimination of road car frills and the addition of lightweight components.

The Toyota 3.5-litre supercharged V6 engine you’ll find in the road car is also found here. It produces approximately 400bhp depending on Balance of Performance regulations. The torque number hasn't been disclosed, although it's expected to be comparable to the road car's 315 lb-ft.

A six-speed Xtrac sequential gearbox and limited-slip differential provide power to the rear wheels, allowing the GT4 to go from 0-62mph race in less than four seconds, possibly much faster than its road-going counterpart. 

The GT4 has new wheels, Alcon brake discs and callipers, and double-wishbone front and rear suspension with Öhlins dampers. Pirelli's GT4-specific compound tyres are here, with a 265 section in front and a hefty 305 section in the back.

Meeting FIA compliance

Its composite bodywork is close to that of the road car on the outside, with the exception of a redesigned bonnet, larger front splitter, changed front side intakes, and an expanded rear wing.

A Motec dash with data recording is also included, along with a custom motorsport-spec wiring loom, to assist drivers to fine-tune their setup and strategy. An FIA-compliant roll cage, six-point harness, and fire extinguisher are all included in the package, as is an expanded, FIA-approved 96-liter fuel tank. 

Lotus has been quick to state the new competition-spec model is the beginning of a new era in GT racing, and the all-new chassis “the perfect starting point for a high-performance race car”.

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