Kimera EVO37 restomod brings the Lancia 037 to the modern era

1st September 2021, 6:04am
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Kimera EVO37 restomod brings the Lancia 037 to the modern era

Fans of the World Rally Championship will be excited to see that Kimera Automobili has revived the iconic Lancia 037 with its new EVO37 restomod project. The firm says it will only build 37 of the new sports vehicles, and it looks that deliveries have already begun. The 2021 Passione Engadina tournament in Switzerland recently saw an EVO37 in action.

In July, the Kimera EVO37 had its public premiere at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Italian racing company Kimera Automobili is aiming to evoke memories of Lancia's EVO37, the roadgoing counterpart of the splendid Evo37 rally vehicle, which was the last rear-wheel-drive entry to take the crown at the World Rally Championship.

One of the coolest things about this project is that the new EVO37 was conceived and built by the same people who worked on the original Evo37 Lancia rally vehicle, including Sergio Limone, Vittorio Roberti, and Miki Biasion, a two-time World Rally Champion. 

Classic styling perfected

The Kimera EVO37 is based on the original Lancia 037, but with a carbon fibre body instead of fiberglass and reduced overhangs. The contemporary vehicle also features quad LED headlights and gorgeous rally-style wheels with Pirelli performance tires.


The Kimera EVO37's foundations are built on a Lancia Beta Montecarl core chassis, with additional tubular frame parts in the front and back of the car, similar to the original rally vehicle.

The Kimera EVO37 uses the same 2.1-liter four-cylinder longitudinal engine as the original. The four-cylinder turbocharged engine now produces 505 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque, according to Italian engineer Claudio Lombardi.

Naturally, all of that power is sent only to the back wheels through a manual transmission. At a 1hp/2kg power-to-weight ratio (estimated), it can likely do the 0-60mph run in less than four seconds, which is pretty darned fast for any restomod.

Adjustable shock absorbers from Öhlins and brakes from Brembo are two new contemporary characteristics. Meanwhile, Alcantara and raw carbon fibre trims adorn the inside. four-point racing harnesses, a hydraulic handbrake, and analogue gauges are all included.

Only 37 EVO37s will be produced

Only 37 EVO37s will be produced by Kimera Automobili. To become one of the few owners of this smashing vehicle, get your cash ready since the basic price for each EVO37 will start at $590,000 (£429,000). Kimera has already sold 11 units, with the first delivery scheduled for September.

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