Gordon Tronson’s Exciting New Twin-V8 Corvette Supercar Spotted in Reno

11th August 2021, 1:31pm
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Gordon Tronson’s Exciting New Twin-V8 Corvette Supercar Spotted in Reno

New Zealander Gordon Tronson went to Las Vegas with a simple dream of owning a Ford Mustang, and his outstanding engineering skill has seen him become one of the most exciting custom vehicle designers in modern memory.

He’s been featured on the History Channel’s show Counting Cars and the Velocity TV show Bitchin’ Rides, where he showed off “Double Trouble”, his 1927 Model T custom built with two Ford racing engines.

Gordon seems to have a passion for sticking extra engines where they don’t have any right to fit. In 2015, he made a Ford Econoline line with no less than four Ford racing engines capable of outputting 4,000 horsepower. 

The GT-55C “Super Super Car”

Now, another of Gordon’s fantastic creations has been spotted around Reno at the Hot August Nights classic car event.

Apparently named the GT-55C or “Super Super Car”, it appears to be a 2001 Chevy Corvette (recognisable from the door and greenhouse shape) fitted with two V8 engines mounted on a tubular frame. Headlights and taillights look to be aftermarket products or sourced from a Lexus or Hyundai, perhaps a Genesis G80.

Full specifications are not yet known, but it’s believed that two GM LT4 V8s are sitting in the mid-engine supercar side-by-side. Each engine apparently has two superchargers, making for an output of 650 HP and 640 lb-ft of torque. Each. So, in total, we’re looking at about 1,300 HP with a theoretical top speed of 300 MPH!

Of course, we all know theoretical speeds are far from what’s attainable in the real world, and who knows how difficult this monster is to drive. But we applaud Gordon for his awesome skills and look forward to hearing more details on this supercar in the future.

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Written by Raymond Burrett

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