Three Sisters Circuit Guide

Wigan's Three Sisters venue provides a variety of layouts for karts, automobiles, and motorbikes, so you'll have lots of opportunities to put your technical skills to the test. 

The course is relatively short. While this limits variation, shorter tracks like Three Sisters allow you to hone particular skills much faster than longer tracks. 

The Three Sisters Circuit hosts four to five ACU test days for motorcycle racers each year, as well as bike nights for road-legal bike riders during the summer. You need an ACU Road Compete License and membership in the Preston & District Motorcycle Club in order to race.

If you want to bring your car, you can join Track Attack Days, where you can complete laps in 10-minute sessions. The next step up is a fall Car Track Day where you can ride as much as you want between 9 am and 5 pm, though driving is segmented into Novice, Road-Car, and Track-Day Car participants.

Whatever your preference, the Three Sisters racing circuit will not disappoint with lots of track time and the opportunity to rack up a significant number of laps in a variety of exotic cars, whether you bring your own ride or rent one.

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