Snetterton Circuit Guide

10 miles northeast of Thetford on the A11 from London to Norwich, Snetterton Circuit was originally opened in 1953 and has seen several layout changes over its history. The latest update in 2011 added a great new challenging and twisting infield section that’s included in track day racing.

Snetterton offers track days, driving experiences, and championships including the British GT, British Superbike, and British Touring Car. It’s also a popular test track for high-profile racing cars.

Snetterton has three tracks—the 100, 200, and 300, which are one, two, and three miles in length respectively. The 100 is mainly used for testing and as a race school, and the two other tracks can be used in tandem.

It’s one of the fastest tracks in the country owing to its two straights. Senna Straight and Bentley Straight are the two longest straights in the country, so you can push your vehicle to its very limits. Corner exit strategy is important, as are precise gear changes and building speed through the long cornering sections.

Location and nearby facilities