Mallory Park Circuit Guide

Mallory Park is a famous motorsport facility situated in the midst of the Leicestershire countryside.

The awesome on-site café and courteous personnel have given Mallory Park the reputation of being the friendliest circuit around. Built in 1956, the circuit is one of the fastest in the UK, while not being the shortest. The track has just five turns but includes arguably the UK's most challenging corner.

A huge Lotus Badge and sculptures of Jim Clark, Colin Chapman, Roger Clark, John Sutrees, and Mike Hailwood welcome you upon arrival.

Even though Mallory Park is just 1.3 miles long, it provides enough thrills each lap. While cars still compete on the old circuit, motorcycles must utilize the Edwina and Bus Stop chicanes, which purposefully slow things down slightly but are entertaining and challenging for riders.

The steep bankings at Mallory offer great spectator watching, particularly around the hairpin, where riders try to push their motorcycles round one of the UK's tightest bends. Mallory Park offers track days, race days, and experience days, so there’s always something to get excited about.

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