Castle Combe Circuit Guide

Castle Combe is a 1.85-mile course in the West Country, located outside Chippenham. Castle Combe provides great racing, modern amenities, and beautiful scenery, with easy access to anybody in the South-West and beyond.

Previously, the track held races of the British GT and Formula Three Championships, but noise regulations have curtailed racing recently.

The racetrack offers excellent viewing, with access to nearly the entire circuit. On-site food is top notch.

The course is very quick, with just two new chicanes added in 1999 to slow it down. At Folly and Avon Rise, timing your braking is difficult and the track is somewhat bumpy.

After the Esses comes a right hander that should be approached from approximately two thirds width of the track. The huge solid wall straight ahead is intimidating and urges many drivers to slow early.

With such a tiny circuit limit, other vehicles are not a problem during a lengthy lap. Also, spinning off the track typically just finds you in a safe, open field. Tough spots, like Quarry, are fully discussed in the briefing, so you can plan your laps to perfection.

Location and nearby facilities