Bedford Autodrome Circuit Guide

The village of Therleigh in Bedfordshire is home to the Bedford Autodrome, built on the former site of the Royal Aerospace Establishment airbase. 

Bedford Autodrome was designed for high-speed performance cars, which means it has larger run-off areas than most circuits and fewer Armco safety barriers. While this means the circuit spares your vehicle if you run off the road at high speed, it leaves Bedford Autodrome an ineligible circuit for races and it has no area for safe spectating.

This configuration means Bedford Autodrome is one of the safest circuits for new drivers in the country and it’s the ideal venue for track-day novices. The no-spectating policy doesn’t stop Bedford Autodrome from offering first-class facilities in its pit-lane-adjacent hospitality areas, briefing rooms, and restaurant. These features make it hugely popular for corporate events.

Bedford Autodrome is a stimulating and varied circuit, with 19 bends and several long straights. The excellent mixture of technically challenging fast and slow corners keeps all drivers on their toes. One thing to note is that noise limits at Bedford Autodrome are no joke, so make sure your vehicle is within limits before bringing it to a track day.

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