Anglesey Circuit Circuit Guide

This circuit is located in the heart of Wales, parked on the West side of the Isle of Anglesey. It's easy to find, but the approach road has some major speed ramps. 

Anglesey Circuit offers car, rally, and motorcycle track days, alongside circuit experiences and advanced driving courses.

The comprehensive restructuring of the circuit into the 2.1-mile International, 1.55-mile Coastal, 1.2-mile National, and 0.8-mile Club circuits began in 2006-2007.

The circuit is an excellent location for amateurs and experts alike, with a surprisingly smooth surface and a minimum width of 12 metres. Spectators can appreciate the lofty location above the Corkscrew, Peel, and Rocket complex, as well as other vantage spots.

The course is somewhat lacking in facilities, with the burger truck serving as the only place to eat or drink. Because there are no garages, you will get wet if it’s pouring down.

Turn 1 is a very fast approach that requires caution on both entry and exit due to the minimal runoff to the inside of the circuit. The corner itself is quick to negotiate, but remember to use the entire road on the exit, bringing the car back to the left for the Bookatrack hairpin.

Location and nearby facilities