Aberdare Park Circuit Guide

Aberdare Park presents a unique motorcycling race experience as the 0.9-mile circuit is situated in a Victorian public park in Trecynon, near Aberdare in South Wales. The park opened in 1869 and it’s home to sculptures, a mixture of native and exotic trees, and a load of geese and squirrels!

It’s a beautiful spot, and once a year it's open to motorcyclists to race on the Aberdare Park Road Races. Usually held in July each year over a weekend, the race requires pre-registration and is accompanied by a parade.

The Aberdare Park Circuit again bucks the trend by being an anti-clockwise route, one of only two in Britain. Spectators, sideshows, trade stalls, and hospitality are to be found in the center of the circuit, while riders traverse the starting straight, The Rosaries, Dunlop, Back Straight, Paddock Bend, The Esses, Buckley’s Bends, and Surtees to complete the circuit.

A unique ride that’s a lot of fun for riders and spectators alike, the Aberdare Park Road Races have on-site camping and commemorative t-shirts.

Location and nearby facilities