Monza Circuit Guide

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza is a legendary race track near Monza, Italy, which is located north of Milan. It was the third circuit in the world ever to be built for the express use of motor racing. 

The Formula One Italian Grand Prix is the circuit’s most important event. The race has been held here since the beginning of the series.

The location contains three tracks: a Grand Prix track, a Junior track, and a high-speed oval track that hasn’t been used for decades. Monza has track days, driving schools, and driving experiences that include riding Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Formula 3, and Formula 1 cars around the legendary track.

Due to the long straights and rapid bends, drivers can let their throttles loose most of the lap. The grip is relatively low due to the low aerodynamic profile required, which results in little downforce, so understeer is more of a problem than at other circuits. The opposite effect, oversteer, happens in the second sector, making for a challenging circuit.

Location and nearby facilities