Full details of the upcoming Lotus Emira First Edition including price tag

21st September 2021, 5:52am
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Full details of the upcoming Lotus Emira First Edition including price tag

It’s exciting times at Lotus, with the upcoming release of the all-new Emira that will go into production in 2021 and be priced from £75,995. A year later, we’ll see a £59,995 four-cylinder variant ramp up for delivery in 2023. 

It’s perhaps the final purely internal combustion car we’ll ever see from Lotus, as the manufacturer is shifting focus to electric.

Lotus’s final V6?

The mid-engined Emira has two different engine options and three juicy transmission choices. First, there’s the Toyota 3.5-litre V6, capable of outputting something between 400 and 430 bhp. You can get this with a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic with a torque converter and limited-slip differential.

The same engine is used in the Evora but the Emira gets an improved induction and exhaust system for better throttle response and sound. Interestingly, stringent EU7 emissions regulations that come into play in 2027 mean this V6 is unlikely to be sold for many years, so you’ll need to snap one up sharply if you’re interested. 

The Lotus Emira First Edition will come with this engine alongside 20-inch diamond-cut forged wheels, Driver pack, Convenience pack, Black pack, and a choice of Tour of Sport suspension and Google or Michelin tyres.

The turbocharged V4

Your second engine alternative is a two-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine from AMG used in the A45. This engine is paired exclusively with a dual-clutch transmission from AMG.

It’s significantly lighter than the V6 and produces around 360 bhp. Even this engine could come under the scrutiny of the EU7 emissions regulations when they come into force, so we may see different engines in the Emira in the future.

That Lotus design

The raised Emira body appears to leap off the ground even when stationary. It’s based on the Evija hypercar, particularly in the side intake that sculpts the bodywork. The new vertically stacked LED lights are strong evidence of this.


Great lengths have been taken to keep the car light. Despite 60kg of new tech being added to the vehicle, it’s still only 11kg heavier than the Evora 400.

Inside, the cabin quality is outstanding, with a high centre console and stylish digital interfaces. It has minimal controls, but physical buttons aren’t gone altogether.

Final specifications will be released closer to the arrival of the Lotus Emira in dealerships. The Emira seems to be Lotus returning to full confidence, and we eagerly await seeing more of it.

Head over to Lotus now and begin configuring your Emira - configure your Emira.

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