Ford Focus ST gets new 360bhp m365 Upgrade Kit from Mountune

13th August 2021, 9:29am
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Ford Focus ST gets new 360bhp m365 Upgrade Kit from Mountune

Pro Ford tuners Mountune have developed a 360bhp power upgrade package for the Focus ST that seeks to keep the car's driving feel intact while boosting power and torque significantly.

The m365 kit includes a sports catalyst, specifically designed high-flow three-inch exhaust downpipe, and an improved exhaust gas particle filter, which, when coupled with an ECU recalibration and an innovative high-flow air filter, boosts power and torque by 84bhp and 140Nm respectively.

The car's modified exhaust system is intended to decrease back pressure while keeping to legal emissions levels. The m365 kit provides an equal distribution of torque throughout the whole rpm range, preserving the regular Focus ST's legendary drivability.

Aggressive launch control

The m365 variant, like Mountune’s existing m330 upgrade package, has a more aggressive launch control setting as well as greater exhaust noise in Sport and Track settings. The Track mode replaces the Wet mode and manages to reduce pops and bangs.

While the Focus has similar power as the 395bhp Audi RS3, it is still front-driven, so it won't be as quick off the mark. Mountune hasn't published performance figures, but we anticipate the regular ST's 5.7-second 0-62mph speed to be shaved by a few tenths. The previous m330 kit dropped half a second off the time, so we’d expect even better performance. 

Power levels configurable through a mobile app

Mountune's SMARTflash mobile software is used for ECU tuning, which enables users to alter the engine map between three power levels and an anti-theft option. The tuning kit's full potential is unleashed in the ECU's most powerful m365 mode, which produces 360bhp and 560Nm.

Unfortunately, the new kit doesn’t comply with Ford’s factory warranty, something that previous Mountune kits offered. You’ll still pass an MOT test and it’s relatively straightforward to install and remove the kit as you see fit.


Mountune already offers a 325bhp upgrade for the ST called the m330 that includes an upgraded air filter and works with SMARTflash software. If you have this kit, you can upgrade to the m365 for just £99.

Overall, the m365 upgrade is an excellent proposition. Pricing begins at £689, and for £575 and £525, respectively, you can add a three-inch downpipe and a new fuel particulate filter. A panel filter costs a smidgeon less than £50. If you get the whole set, you'll be looking at approximately £1,800. 

In the scheme of things, that's not much more than the £1,450 Ford charges for the car's slower automatic transmission. 

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