Retro supercar Type 62-2 unveiled by revived coachbuilder Radford

10th August 2021, 3:20am
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Retro supercar Type 62-2 unveiled by revived coachbuilder Radford
  • London-based coachbuilder Radford uncovered its debut sportscar after its 2021 relaunch
  • Only 62 samples of the impressive 1960s retro-based supercar will be produced by 2022
  • As much as 600hp provided by a supercharged Toyota V6

British coachbuilding company Radford which once made luxury cars for celebrities including The Beatles has uncovered a ravishing Type 62-2 sportscar that wowed millions worldwide with its impeccably cool bodyshell.

The extremely rare Lotus Type 62-2, which is the first ever modern vehicle by the resurrected coachbuilder from the 40s and 50s, was limited to only 62 samples worldwide that were built according to individual’s requests.

Radford was initially established as Harold Radford & Co Limited in the city of London in 1948 and was retailing Bentley and Rolls-Royce cars, before it was relaunched to once again play a leading role in creating bespoke global luxury cars in 2021.

Ex Formula 1 world champion Jenson Button, designer Mark Stubbs and broadcaster Ant Anstead who fronted Radford, boasted with the beaut at the Lyon Air Museum located in Orange County in the heart of the Los Angeles metropolitan area in the US state of California on 7th August.

The collaboration that also involved British automotive company Lotus, resulted in an amazing 21st century upgrade of a 1960s retro model, with features including LED lights and a gorgeous body made out of lightweight materials such as carbon fibre and aluminum.

The supercar amazed guests at its Hollywood debut, after the trio presented its supercharged 3.5-liter V6 engine mounted in the middle that delivers as much as 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts) and offers a choice of either six-speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Ant Anstead proudly explained what the car represents to him and his colleagues by saying: "When you look at Lotus models from 1948 to today, each of them is numbered from Type 1 right up to the current day, our car is part of that historical lineage, meaning it will take its place in the history books forever. Only 62 Radford Type 62 models will ever be built. No two will be exactly alike, and each will be an exceptionally rare sight on the world's roads."

Potential owners can choose between two specifications, Classic, which was designed without a rear wing and with 17/18-inch front/rear wheels similar to its predecessor, and a Gold Leaf version that was presented in public and has a period-specific livery and wings built in to increase pressure, 18/19-inch front/rear wheels, and a stunning double ducktail spoiler.

While both versions have a titanium exhaust system, the Classic version produces up to 430bhp, while the improved Gold Leaf spec enhances those figures to 500bhp through an engine remap, upgraded pistons, camshafts and conrods.

Radford co-founder Mark Stubbs said: “In many ways, it’s a real challenge creating a tribute to a historic vehicle - because nothing is quite the same as on a contemporary car. Inherently, the wheels are bigger, the overhangs are longer, and the cockpit and engine position are different. The Radford Type 62-2 was always intended as a homage, not a copy – to deliver that successfully means translating the essence of the original Type 62 into the modern world – which is something that I am confident we’ve achieved with the first Radford of the new era."

Each of the two models uses the same chassis, with a bespoke rear subframe constructed from high-quality bonded and riveted aluminum and premium-grade carbon fibre to improve strength, stiffness, and agility, while tipping the scales at a dry weight of not more than astounding 1,000 kilogrammes (2,204 pounds).

Radford officials who claim that the Type 62-2 can be used on a day-to-day basis, did not fail to note that Jenson Button personally calibrated the car to gain “exceptional steering feel and driver feedback.”

As fans still have to hold on before they are allowed a sneak-peak at the interior, the company reassured the coupe provides enough luggage space for two and revealed wi-fi, Bluetooth, customizable digital switch inputs, LED lights and a five-speaker sound system are all included in the deal.

Jenson Button who reported on the car’s modern technology and explained that a rear-facing camera replaces traditional wing mirrors added: “Creating a car that is simultaneously luxurious and comfortable, and great to drive, is a tough challenge, but the first Radford of the modern era delivers. Type 62-2 is a driver's car at its heart – when you see the design, it looks just like a 70s Le Mans car.”

Production is expected to begin in late 2021, while the first deliveries are set to take place in early 2022, for prices still unknown to the public.  

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