The limited edition fighter jet-inspired Aston Martin coming this month

7th April 2021, 7:32am
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The limited edition fighter jet-inspired Aston Martin coming this month
Image credit: Aston Martin Media
  • Open top V12 Speedster due for delivery
  • 700 horsepower from a 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12
  • Only 88 units to be built

The ultra exclusive Aston Martin V12 Speedster will be released this month, with only 88 examples made available.

After going from concept to production reality in under a year, the puristic limited edition model has been created by Aston’s ‘Q by Aston Martin’ bespoke customisation service, and has styling based on the brand’s rich racing heritage and aeronautical design.

The car is aimed to be a pure driver’s car, and is aimed at Aston’s “most demanding and enthusiastic customers.”

Priced from £765,000, the Speedster, as the name suggests, utilises a 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12 engine with a peak output of 700 horsepower and 753Nm of torque. With its eight speed gearbox, the V12 Speedster will accelerate to 100km/h in 3.5 seconds and boasts a limited top speed of 186mph.

V12 engines sound epic at the best of times, but Aston’s engineers have created a bespoke stainless-steel exhaust system exiting centrally into the diffuser surface at the rear of the car to ensure an even more dramatic soundtrack.

Without a roof or a windscreen, the Speedster will be one of the most unique-looking vehicles on the road today. Using Aston Martin’s latest bonded aluminium architecture, the car is built on a mixture of DBS Superleggera and Vantage foundations.

The V12 Speedster takes design cues from the 1959 Le Mans winning DBR1, as well as the centenary celebration CC100 Speedster concept from 2013 and the 1953 DB3S.

The retro feel is heightened by the elongated bonnet, with the driver and single passenger positioned very much towards the rear of the vehicle. The Aston trademark wide grille is carried over from the Speedster’s modern cousins, while a bonnet nostril makes a rare appearance on a ‘new’ Aston. The lack of a windscreen gives the car a low, broad appearance, while twin humps behind the driver and passenger add to the muscular appearance, while a spoiler is positioned at the rear. The vast majority of the bodywork is carbon fibre.

The interior is a perfect blend of old and new, with structural satin carbon fibre mixing with hand crafted saddle leather, chrome, aluminium and 3D printed rubber. A removable leather bag takes the place of a traditional glove box, while additional luggage space is found under the rear bumps.

The car features independent double wishbone suspension at the front and multi-link rear suspension with coil springs and adaptive damping offering Sport, Sport Plus and track modes. 21 inch forged centre lock alloy wheels add to the pure sports car pedigree, while carbon ceramic brake discs will ensure plenty of stopping power.

It’s likely to be an incredible car, but for us we reckon it’s far more useful as a track day weapon than on the roads of Britain. Hands up all those who wouldn’t mind getting stuck behind a tractor in a windscreen-less supercar down a country road? Better pack a helmet and goggles if you take the plunge!

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Written by Richard Randle

Richard Randle is a motorsport PR professional working with the UK’s top racing circuits and the UK’s premier single-seater category, the BRDC British F3 Championship.